Ka Ono Ulu Estates

Annual HOA meeting Wednesday, June 30th 2024 at 5pm. Meeting will be held at the Desitnation Maui office.

Reconstruction of the sign will be over soon.

Aloha and welcome to the Ka Ono Ulu Estates HOA!

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Ka Ono Ulu Estates HOA

We are a home owners' association in north Kihei, Maui. There are 170 homes in this association. Our boundaries are Piilani Highway to the east, Alulike Street to the west, E. Alulike St to the north, and Hoopili Akau Street to the south.

Our financials are managed by Destination Maui Inc. They can be reached at 808-244-9021.


No construction, alteration, grading, addition, excavation, removal, relocation, repainting, demolition, installation, modification, decoration, redecoration, or reconstruction of an Improvement, including Dwelling and landscaping, shall be commenced, or maintained by any Owner, until the homeowner has submitted his/her written ARC Application request to and received written approval from the ARC Committee. Please refer to the KA ONO ULU ESTATES COMMUNITY ASSOSICATION ARCHITECTURAL GUIDELINES, and your CC&Rs for further details.

You can also send us an email thru the contact form.


Complaints must be submitted in writing or emailed to the Board of Directors in care of the Management Company.


  1. The homeowner submitting the complaint must include their name and address and sign the complaint.
  2. Complaints that are not signed or signed “Concerned Homeowner” will not be acted on.
  3. You can email the complaint to the Board at board.of.directors@kouestates.org
  4. In order for the Board to take appropriate action, the homeowner’s written complaint must state:
  1. Specific information as to item, event or situation that precipitated the complaint.
  2. The exact location of the item or issue to be addressed.
  3. The address of the resident the homeowner believes is in violation of the governing documents, if alleging a neighbor has violated them.

Currently dues are $50 a quarter or $200 annually. The management company, Destination Maui Inc., sends out coupon books.

The dues cover items like mowing of the boulevards, the management fees, and insurance.

Yes, every year we have to have a meeting of the HOA. Attendance is appreciated and it usually happens the first week in May at a place near the neighborhood.

Yes, you can still vote via proxy. The Destination Maui Inc company sends out a letter a month before with the date, time, and place of the meeting. Also included is a proxy vote. Please fill that out and send it in.

Yes, there are at least three permitted Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs or ohanas) within the HOA.

Yes. Even though the convenants expressly state that they are barred from the HOA the Telecommunications Act of 1996, a federal law, preempted all state, local and other non-governmental restrictions regulating satellites and antennas, which included homeowner associations.

Yes. Even though the CCRs prohibit reflective material on your roof the Hawaii state government passed a law overriding that. Go here for more information on that law.

If you own a home within the KOU HOA boundaries you have to pay dues. Faliure to pay will result in collection attempts and failing that a lien will be placed on your home.

The second developer of the association, The Betsill Brothers, chose to do that.

Our boundaries are Piilani Highway to the east, Alulike Street to the west, E. Alulike St to the north, and Hoopili Akau Street to the south.

There are 170 homes in the association.

It means the delicious breadfruit.

On June 24th of 2023 it was hit by a car and destroyed. We are currently in the process of filing an insurance claim to get it rebuilt.

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